International Journal of Chemistry Studies

ISSN: 2581-348X

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Preparation, spectroscopic study of schiff base complexes of Dy (III) and evaluation of antimicrobial activity
Pages: 01-03  
Influence of nitrogen-phoshorus-potassium (NPK-15:15:15) fertilizer application on adsorption capacity of pendimethalin in soil
Pages: 04-08  
Physico chemical analysis of spring water used in Anger: Gutie Town, East Wollega, Ethiopia
Pages: 09-14  
Bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS: A review
Pages: 15-17  
Synthesis, characterization and biological activity evaluation of Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes of a Schiff base derived from S-benzyldithiocarbazate (SBDTC) and cinnamaldehyde
Pages: 18-24  
Smith degradation method used for the determination of polyalcohols from periodate oxidised seed polysaccharide of Quercus incana Roxb. Plant
Pages: 25-27  
Esterification of cellulose from sugarcane bagasse by some long- chain acid chlorides
Pages: 28-32  
Chemical smog
Pages: 33-35  
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