International Journal of Chemistry Studies

ISSN: 2581-348X

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2020)

Volumetric and viscometric studies of l-proline in aqueous solution of alcohols at different temperatures

Author(s): Md Aminul Islam, Md Tauhidur Rahman, ABM Nazmul Islam, Mosummath Hosna Ara, Shishir Kumar Dey
Abstract: Volumetric and viscometric properties of L-Proline have been measured as a function of molar concentration (0.02M-0.1M) of L-Proline in aqueous alcohols (Methanol, Ethanol and Propanol) at different temperatures (293.15K, 303.15K, 308.15K, 313.15K and 323.15K). The apparent molar volumes (φv), limiting apparent molar volume (φv0), viscosity B-coefficient by employing the Jones-Dole equation, dB/dT values, change of free energy (ΔG#), enthalpy (∆H), entropy (∆S) have been calculated by using experimental density(ρ) and viscosity(η) data. The limiting transfer apparent molar volume (Δφv0) tra, limiting apparent molar volume expansibilities (Eφ0), the values of (δEφ0/δT) p and (dB/dT) have also been computed. The experimental and computed parameters have been discussed on the basis of structure making and structure breaking mechanism of L-Proline in aqueous alcohols under experimental conditions.
Pages: 35-41  |  936 Views  718 Downloads
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