International Journal of Chemistry Studies

ISSN: 2581-348X

Vol. 3, Issue 4 (2019)

Comparative study on organic and conventional farming in rice under low land ecosystem of Godavari delta, Andhra Pradesh

Author(s): A Sireesha, CH Sreenivas, T Usharani, PV Satyanarayana
Abstract: A field experiment was laid out during Kharif, 2015 and 2016 with a rice variety MTU-7029 (Swarna) at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Maruteru. The grain yield obtained with organic farming was 5817 kg/ha during Kharif,2015 and 5506 kg/ha during Kharif,2016. While, under conventional farming of rice, which recorded grain yield of 5150 kg/ha during Kharif,2015 and during Kharif,2016 conventional farming recorded grain yield of 5762 kg/ha. Hence, found that, there was a stable increase in grain yields of rice under organic farming in comparison to conventional farming during 2015 and during 2016 it was found at par. Soil analysis data resulted that Organic carbon content of the soil was increased from 1.16 % to 1.32% under organic farming, while under inorganic farming it was increased marginally (1.16 to 1.21). Soil available nutrient status was marginally higher under organic farming compared with inorganic farming. Nutrient uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium were also found to be high with organic farming than conventional farming, slight increase was observed during Kharif, 2016 under conventional farming. Total bacterial, fungal and actinomycetes population were found to increase under organic farming. Yields of rice was found satisfactory with organic farming during Kharif season. Soil nutrient status were found superior in organic plots compared with inorganic plots.
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