International Journal of Chemistry Studies

ISSN: 2581-348X

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2019)

List of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds useful in the treatment of cardiovascular drugs

Author(s): Nidhi Sharma
Abstract: Cardiovascular disease is most commonly found and is mainly caused by tobacoo use, physical inactivity, and due to unhealthy diet. It is observed by many survey that is occur equally in men & women both. It is that class of drug which involve the heart or blood vessels. Cardiovascular disease includes coronary artery diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction (also known as a heart attack). Other cardiovascular disease include stroke, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, carditis, aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, thromboembolic disease, and venous thrombosis.
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