International Journal of Chemistry Studies

ISSN: 2581-348X

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2018)

Natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Shweta Padher, Dr. MR Bhalekar
Abstract: Arthritis is a chronic disease and a major cause of disability in the world today. The pathology of the disease involves dysregulation of proinflammatory enzymes and cytokines and, Elevated levels of nitric oxide, prostaglandins and proliferation of synovial fibroblasts. There is an urgent need for alternative and effective therapies for arthritis as synthetic agents prove inadequate due to side effects and dose dependency. Traditional medicinal plants are practiced worldwide for treatment of arthritis especially in developing countries where resources are meager. This review presents the plants profiles inhabiting throughout the world regarding their traditional usage by various tribes/ethnic groups for treatment of arthritis.
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