International Journal of Chemistry Studies

ISSN: 2581-348X

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2017)

A review on natural products with anticonvulsant activity

Author(s): Abubakar US, Binta IK, Amina MJ, Muhammad S, Fatima A, Ukwubile CA
Abstract: The need for new anticonvulsant drugs with greater efficacy and novel mechanisms of action becomes necessary; this is due to the fact that the current therapy with modern anticonvulsant drugs is associated with many side effects and approximately 30-40 % of the patients continue to have seizures with current antiepileptic drugs therapy. Medicinal plants are known for their anticonvulsant activities, and current interest in traditional medicine has led to rapid development and studies of many plants employed by various ethnic groups for the management of epilepsy. The present work summarized some medicinal plants and natural products with anticonvulsant activities. Also, the screening models, seizure inducing factors and the potential mechanisms underlying the anticonvulsant effects have been reported.
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